Information to be published on the Web site is often already available in the Private Area of the Cooperation Tool. Thanks to its integrated architecture, the Cooperation Tool allows to export objects to the Public Web site with a few clicks, avoiding mistakes and double work, as they can happen in the case of Web sites completely separated from the management tool.

When an object, e.g. a document, is defined in the Cooperation Tool, a Project Manager can decide to publish it simply activating a flag in the document properties.

In some cases (news, events), it is possible to program the date when object public visibility will start and end, so that such object will automatically appear in the Web site on the programmed date and then will be automatically removed on the end date. This will contribute to a more dynamic and interesting Web site, as it will prevent from forgetting information, which will then become obsolete or inaccurate, with a detrimental effect on the project image.