In a research project, Communication is as much important as Information.
In order to favour the collaboration between researchers, Cooperation Tool offers several means to communicate.

Internal Messaging System
It is possible to exchange messages, which are handled within the Cooperation Tool.
Messages can be sent to all Members working in a Domain, getting an always updated distribution list and fine tuning it, selecting or deselecting individual Members.

Distribution list

Alternatively, you can use the Cooperation Tool only to get the updated distribution list and then copy and paste it into your usual mail software.

Instant Messages
It is possible to send a short message to Members, who are currently logged in the Cooperation Tool.

Automatic messages and reminders
The Cooperation Tool will inform you with an e-mail message whenever an Object (e.g. document, meeting, etc.) is created or updated.
Each Member can personalise such feature defining their preferences within their Profiles.