Keep your Project on Track

Since more than 15 years, Cooperation Tool helps researchers and project managers to drive their projects towards successful results. Cooperation Tool integrates all the project management experience which is necessary to keep your project under control. It incorporates all the functionality which are required in order to achieve two fundamental goals:

1) favour collaboration between people working in the project, improving information exchange and increasing productivity;

2) support the management of the project, tracking all activities and monitoring its progress.

Based on direct experience in project management and fed by the feedback coming from tenths of project managers, Cooperation Tool integrates a number of unique features:

a)  automatic quality code for each project entity (meetings, documents, actions, deliverables, etc.) for quick and unambiguous identification;

b) collection of all information generated in the project, in order to build and preserve a complete knowledge basis;

c)  organisation of meetings made simple by integrated poll and automatic reminders;

d)  capability to quickly find and retrieve any needed piece of information;

e)  assisted procedures, in order to avoid useless work and improve effectiveness.

A global approach allows to handle project activities since the proposal stage and evolve them through project life, following each stage of workflow up to publication of news and results  in the Public Web Site.

The new version issued in 2015 integrates a complete and detailed administrative and financial management of projects. This includes budget definition at proposal stage and full accounting and financial reporting during project life, in accord with H2020 rules.

Each involved person has a personalized view on the project, so as to focus attention on what he/she is supposed to do  and when.
Resources and budget are monitored in real-time and reports are generated automatically.
Public documents, events and news can be made available in the project Web site with a few clicks of the mouse.
And you can stay in contact with your project also from your smartphone.
Of course, always with a punctual and continuous support from our side.
Cooperation Tool 4 will be able to provide you all what you need and if something is missing, we will add it.
Try it free of charge or attend a live demo via Web.