The Dashboard is the Home Page of the Cooperation Tool.
Its structure reflects the common structure of all pages.
Its organisation answers to the three basic questions:

What? – What you wish to see in the Tool? – Object menu bar

Where? – Where you are looking at in the Tool? – Navigation menu bar

How? – How do you want to see the selected information? – View mode bar

The menu bars surround the Information area, where the selected information about the project are visualised.
In the case of the Dashboard, the lists of most recent Objects created or modified in the Cooperation Tool are presented.
More in detail, you can have the following definitions:
Object menu bar: the list of Objects which the Tool can manage; an Object is a category of information, related to the Project, like Members, Participants, Documents, Deliverables, etc. (see Objects).
Navigation menu bar: it includes several sections, which allow you to navigate between Projects and within the structure of a Project (see Domains).
View mode bar: it allows seeing the same information in different ways, depending on the selected Object and the User preference, See View modes.
The Dashboard includes also an Info menu bar, which offers additional information related to the User and to the Project, and additional sections, which allow to access other embedded Tools (see Communication and Other Tools).