A Tool is nothing without a good support service behind.

Help Desk and Training
In case any problem arises, a button within the Cooperation Tool interface allows to immediately send a message to the supporting staff, which will answer and solve any problem, normally within a few hours. Complete documentation is available, at User and Project Manager level: latest versions can be downloaded at any time from within the Cooperation Tool. Seminars and training sessions are organised for starting projects, in order to allow taking all the benefits from the Cooperation Tool capabilities, using it according to project needs.

The Cooperation Tool service is hosted in a primary Web Farm in Italy, which ensures high speed multiple links to Internet, redundancy, backup, security at the highest levels. No investments are needed. Maintenance activity (performance monitoring, hardware renewal/upgrading, software updating) is included. In case the application stops working, the automatic monitoring service alerts the technical personnel. They will identify the problem and restore the system.

Maintenance and Improvements
The Cooperation Tool offers complete and powerful functionality. However, each project has specific needs and wishes, and new requirements can arise in the time. Requests and suggestions are received and evaluated in order to consider them for possible implementation in future releases.

In case of special needs, e.g. for internal usage within companies or for projects not dealing with research, we are available to take into consideration customer specific versions.