As the Cooperation Tool strongly supports project management and quality assurance, it is an eligible management cost and can normally be 100% funded by the EC.

Evaluate Cooperation Tool
Before starting any kind of commercial evaluation, we recommend that you get all useful information in order to clearly understand the Cooperation Tool and the supporting services behind it.
Several possibilities are available:

  1. This Web site
  2. Information documents
  3. Online demonstration and tutorial (audio & video)
  4. Trial period
  5. On site demo and training
Please, contact us in order to agree on the solutions which are most convenient to you.

Commercial conditions
The Cooperation Tool is offered free of charge to all new project proposals. A suitable budget for the Cooperation Tool service package will be agreed and included into the proposal. Only if and when a proposal will be approved, the Consortium commits to continue using the Tool in the project at the agreed conditions. The fees agreed for such project will start being calculated at the project commencement date. The software is licensed to the Customer for the purpose of being used in a specific project. Different use of the software is not covered by the license agreement. The software license is offered on a yearly basis, until the project end date, unless explicitly stopped by the customer in writing at least one month before next yearly deadline. After the project end date, CNC commits to keep the Cooperation Tool for that project up and running for at least one additional year.

Price scheme
The cost of using the Cooperation Tool in a project depends from three parameters:

  1. Number of project participants: how many organisations are partners in the project
  2. Total number of Users: how many people are expected to work in the project
  3. Project funding: total funds received by the project

  4. The total cost will also depend on the:
  5. Project duration (years of project lifetime).

Costs can be divided into two categories:
a) One time cost, due at project starting time only
b) Yearly fee, due at the beginning of each project year

In order to receive a detailed offer, please contact us using the CONTACT page and send us the figures related to the four parameters described above.