Your Project is going on while you are travelling or staying out of the office.
Something important can happen or you can simply need to check a deadline or a document.
Cooperation Tool is always with you and available to provide any useful information
through your smartphone or tablet.
You can check the work progress, get details, solve a problem, with no delay.
A further help to improved partners collaboration and management support.

Main features:

  • Compatible with iOS, Android, Windows Phone
  • Check the real-time situation in all the projects you are involved in
  • Look at Members and Participants details
  • Check the current status and properties of any Object (all Object types)
  • Download Documents and Deliverables
  • Subscribe to Meetings and Events

Try it yourself:

The mobile version is available for all projects using Cooperation Tool 4, at no additional cost.

Your smartphone will be detected and redirected to the Mobile version or you can choose the mobile version manually.